Find Paying Customers Easily

You've developed a product.  Now you need customers. We can help with that.

How to Get Paying Customers

Your company has worked hard.  You've sacrificed nights, weekends, family events, time with loved ones. You've built something that you're proud of.    

Now, the hard part.  How do you get a paying customer?  

How Not to Get a Customer

You could post a few ads on Google or Facebook.  But how do you know if your ad will sell?  Are you speaking to the right audience?  Is a 36 year old professional female really the right crowd for your product?These ads are sounding like they have a pretty expensive learning curve..

How Not to Get a Customer, Part II

OR, how about you could start a Facebook Page?  Or how about a Twitter account?  All of those likes from friends and family, surely those will translate into sales?  Will they? Or will you be sitting at home, admiring your 500 likes wondering why you still have a day job?

The Better Approach

Find the people that will probably like your product (with our help).  Reach out to them via email.  Ask them bluntly (using our template) if they'd like to buy.  That's it.  "Hey, not to be a bother, but I I've created this cool product that does XYZ and wondered if you'd like to buy?"

Why is This Better?

You could build ads, publish blog posts, get 1,000 "likes", but you will never know if the right people are looking at your product.  You have to be bold.  Find the people that you need the most (with our help) and ask them "will you buy?".   If they don't want to purchase, ask why.  If they do want to buy, even better! :)  Either way, you're getting valuable, direct  feedback on your product.

Finding Paying Customers

Go to the source - directly  email every company that is a potential user of your product.  Don't wait around for your blog to "take off" or your ads to start bringing in traffic.  You have a solution and there are tons of customers out there that need  your services. 

  The most powerful step forward that you can take is to ask someone is "will you buy my product"? 

The Right Audience

Does your solution serve a specific platform (e.g. Wordpress, Magento)?  We know the company's using those platforms.  

Does your solution reach a specific type of audience?  We'll help you contact gyms, doctor offices, churches, etc.  We have the data; we'll help you find the decision makers at those companies.

The Next Step

If you know your audience, purchase one of our lead packages above.  For every category, we include the domains of relevant sites and the LinkedIn page for the company.

Not sure how to begin reaching out to customers?  Submit your email below.  I'll personally contact you and we'll set up a time to meet online, we'll craft together the perfect outreach email and I'll even give you a few (free) leads to get started.

20% Discount

I get it, not everyone wants to talk to a salesperson.  But if you give me a call, 415-481-2629, and we discuss what sort of leads your company is looking for, I'll give you 20% off your first month's subscription.